Danny Mills in Feb31st!

Back in December, we held our Christmas Showcase event and were thrilled to welcome the fantastic, Danny Mills. An ex-pro footballer, who played for Leeds and England, and played every minute of England's five matches in the 2002 World Cup, and just a genuine all round nice guy, who has done some incredible work for the charity, Shine.

It was the perfect chance to introduce him to our latest brand at the time, Feb31st. Beautiful wooden frames, that can be completely tailored to your favourite colours and your wardrobe.

He tried on a lot...including some that didn't quite work...

And he took the chance to meet the Ian Wright 3D head!

But after all of that, we managed to find an incredible pair of frames for Danny. A strong shape that Danny wanted in a deep green wood, with red accents - to complement his dapper wardrobe!

And so the process began. Feb31st carved these glasses especially for Danny. The perfect shape, out of the perfect colours, and then even carved his name into the side - so there was no mistaking who they belong to! They personalised the glasses case, with a sample of the wood that they used and again, intricately carved his name into it.

Danny's reaction when he came in to collect them was fantastic, and it really highlighted how incredible this process really is. It's a wonderful journey from when the client first walks through our door, to when they come back to collect this precious parcel.

And that was that! Danny Mills could now run free with his bespoke glasses, and he were smitten when we saw on Sky Sports!!

Dipped in gold...

At our recent Christmas Showcase event, we introduced Leisure Society to our clients. We knew we liked the product, but would it make our customers say wow?

Well, the response was incredible and we are now proud stockists of Leisure Society. Beautiful frames designed by Shane Baum.

Baum created this collection with luxury in mind, and the frames are made up of titanium frames, 12, 18, & 24k gold plating and even diamonds. The sunglasses are made with the highest quality polarizing CR-39 lens available with, Anti-reflective UGR12™, Diamond Cast™, and hydrophobic coating.

But it's not just about the jargon. The fact of the matter is, these glasses look very, very good. Sleek lines, gleaming metal and glass, and the most beautiful colours that reflect the current runways. Perfect for someone who is looking for a statement pair of frames, but more styled than quirky. In fact, some of the pieces are completely plated with gold on the inside.

Are they for me though?!

Before investing in a pair of glasses like this, it's important to make sure they fit with your image, and of course your lifestyle! They're a luxury item, but there is still an element of being practical that is needed with any eyewear.

Book a consultation, and we'll make sure you choose the right pair to suit you.

Feb 31st!

Wooden frames are a big deal. There's something about a pair of glasses that are so perfectly carved, and sanded down to a perfect finish.

But, wooden frames are useless if they're either too fragile, or too heavy! So you can imagine our delight when we saw Feb31st. Gorgeous frames carved from bolivar and kauri wood. And not just a standard set of frames. A stunning range of various shapes and sizes, meaning we've now got a pair of wooden frames to complement every client who walks through the door.

But that's not the only thing we liked about Feb31st. Surely by now, you know we like to makes things bespoke... We like to make each customer feel special, and have every client walk away with something that feels unique to them. And Feb31st, are offering us exactly that.

Step one, is to come in and pick out your favourite pair of frames. Not sure which work on you? Book a style consultation with Jonathan, and we'll find the right pair for you!

Step two, choose your favourite colour! Your specs are going to be carved just for you, so be picky and let us know what colours you want. We've got a huge spectrum of colours to choose from - so you can go neutral, bright or mix them up!

Step three, let's get your glasses made. They'll be handcrafted in Italy by the Feb31st Artisan team Before they're shipped back to our store, ready to be glazed.

Step four, will see us glazing the frames to fit your prescription. At this stage we can add some additional touches, like tint or honeycomb lenses to give you enhanced clarity.

Step five, needs you to join us back in store so we can fit your frames, and make sure they're the perfect fit! You'll then take them home in a beautiful case that showcases what kind of wood was used on your glasses.

Make an appointment today and lets find your perfect pair of wooden frames.

Sourcing eyewear from around the world

Stepping off the plane, and leaving the airport to the sound of buskers and the chattering tourists. We were finally in Paris. The city of love…and fashion, was going to be the backdrop for a weekend of curating. We’re on the lookout for some stylish new frames to add to our collection at Bespoke Eyewear.

Our destination was Silmo 2017. A huge expo, showcasing eyewear designers from across the world. Imagine an absolute cornucopia of every colour, material, size, and shape of frames that you can imagine. We venture here every year to meet new designers, check out the newest styles and make sure that Bespoke Eyewear is always one step ahead of the game. And this year, we were specifically looking for two new designers to bring back to the store.

Every year, this event is great…but 2017 blew us away. Huge exhibitions, with some truly fascinating designers.

You may remember that earlier in the year, we predicted the next big thing would feature a lot of metal? Hence us introducing NINE to the in store collection.  Well…we were right. The new collections feature metal frames, which are strong but most importantly, light and comfortable. In fact, the new pieces are very much reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. Remember those huge aviator style glasses? They’re back!

You might think this is typical of fashion. But actually, what we’re seeing is the optical industry dictating the path that the fashion houses should follow. The industry needed stronger frames that could be more durable and easier to mould. And the fashion designers delivered!

The Japanese designers in particular, have really embraced the trend and have created some absolutely stunning pieces that truly blew us away. Amazing materials including metal and even leather, with intricate Japanese influences.

So what did we come away with?

We had the goal to come away with 2 new designers, and we actually came away with 4 new designers, including Campbell Marson which is already on our shelves, and a wonderful restock on our Res/Rei pieces!

The new pieces are currently being sculpted and sent our way, and we’re very excited to be showcasing these pieces in store, in December.

Images courtesy of Silmo Paris

When David Harper does Bespoke...

When David Harper visits Bespoke Eyewear, we think big.

Simple questions like, "What colours do you like?" or "What shapes are you comfortable in?", are meaningless. We know that every time, we're going to be met with a big smile, lots of confidence and a totally open mind to the latest styles and trends. So the only brief we had was, "A bit of wow!".

That attitude makes perfect sense once you know a bit about David. A television presenter (you may recognise him from Bargain Hunt, Cash in the Attic, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Flog It!), business man and artist, who is well known for his sparkling personality, vibrant clothing and creative mind. It's very clear that David enjoys fashion, and in no way plays it safe. He makes a real entrance with his yellow trousers, pink shirts and sometimes even a hat (not usually all at the same time). So we knew it would have to be a real statement piece to do him justice.

So, after a quick catch up with David and his wonderful wife over a cup of coffee, we got to work.

We tried on round frames, square frames, neutral colours and even neons! With the odd curved bar thrown in too.

And then we saw the perfect pair. Strong, durable, colourful but not over the top. And definitely impactful, as they're made out of wood!

We'll be welcoming David back in to check out more from the collection very soon, but in the meantime we can't wait to see this gorgeous pair on the television. Keep an eye out, and be sure to tweet us when you spot them!

Is that Ian Wright?

The number of times people have walked past the window and we hear, “Is that Ian Wright?”. Or, the amount of people that stop and stare through the glass, and we hear, “God, it looks familiar!”. What they’re referring to is the bright, red head that stands out in the window, surrounded by white mannequin heads.

Let’s be clear…it IS Ian Wrights head. Ok, well not his actual head. But, pretty close with the use of 3D printing. Ian is a long time friend of Bespoke Eyewear, and joined us at an expo with Jonathon Nixon. It was during this event, that Floureon 3D were on hand and offered to create a 3D print of Ian’s head. And of course, we had to say yes.

A few exciting hours later, we walked away with a bright red version of Wrighty’s head – which is now sitting proudly in our window, next to our Robert Rudger display.

“But, what good is a 3D head?” I hear you ask. Well, a 3D head means that when Ian gives us a call and asks for a specific pair of frames that he’s seen on our social media, he doesn’t have to drop into the store. We measure them up perfectly to his 3D head, before posting them out to him. Or, if he sees a pair but can’t figure out if they’d look right on him, we simply pop them on the head and send him a snap.

Combining a 3D head with Jonathan’s eye for style, is how we’re able to keep Ian’s eyewear game fresh on Match of the Day!

Welcoming Robert Rudger

The popular Austrian brand, Robert Rudger has landed in Bespoke Eyewear. Stylish frames made from fine materials including wood, horn and titanium, are the perfect way to add a real enhancement to an outfit without going overly colourful. Sober colours, with the perfect accents.

So often we get gents coming in, that want something memorable, but don’t feel comfortable trying a shape that’s too different, or a colour that’s too loud. Something that can feel almost like jewellery and add a pop of special to an ensemble. We have few brands that can master that balance, but Robert Rudger is definitely up there with the best.

They've still managed to throw in a couple of maverick pairs though, with some real sassy glasses popping out of the collection.

The team at Bespoke have been playing with the new line to get a full grasp of the amazing shapes and styles, and now welcome you in store for your personal style consultation. Which pair complement your existing wardrobe? Which will enhance your face shape? What colour makes your eyes pop? Let us figure out the right pair for you.

Thank you from the BE team!

Pedal power helped the bespoke eyewear team raise over £640 during this year's Tour De Yorkshire!

WOW! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Tour De Yorkshire shop window cycle last month! The atmosphere was amazing and your smiles, cheers and donations kept us motivated to keep cycling for the solid 6 hours it took to complete the 122.5km

We are so thrilled to share the news that the total fundraising amount from the buckets and just giving page combined, was an incredible £643.14!

We can't thank you all enough! This money has all been donated to the wonderful Saint Michael's Hospice.

Team BE xxx

If these walls could talk...

Here I am, sitting at the desk browsing through the shop photos from our photographer when I come across some shots that I know were taken here, but I can't immediately put my finger on where exactly in the shop...

It got me thinking, we so often busy our minds thinking about lots of different things, that we don't notice the things right around us! We are so lucky to be based here, so today we are taking a moment to really appreciate our beautiful shop and its history.

The Harrogate district has a rich history full of colourful characters, sensational stories, religious rebellions, proud uprisings, infamous intrigues and the great rivalries of the wars of the roses. Perhaps the most famous of Harrogate's history is its rise in popularity as the leading spa in Europe during the late 1800's. Offering 'the cure' from the spring waters of the naturally occurring artesian wells, Harrogate became renowned as a second home for visiting royalty.

Royal Parade was built in the 1840's, just after the construction of the Royal Pump Room. Royal Parade was named because it was indeed where the Crowned Heads of Europe promenaded and was known as 'the place to be'. It became the 'place to stay' as it directly overlooked Harrogate's most prominent spa, The Royal Pump Room, where literally thousands of people came to take the waters each day. And there also lies our beautiful little shop, steeped in a history all of its own.

Bespoke eyewear resides in what was originally the Royal Parade chemist, once owned by the Windermer family. Our shop front and interior is Grade II listed and dates back to 1845. The shop is full of stunning, original mirror backed mahogany with original gold leaf draw labels for medicines and medical supplies.

The Victorian Society from London come and visit our premises every year, and share with us the little golden nuggets of history that they have discovered, like the fact that during the Victorian times, our shop was visited by the Tsar of Russia!

In the 70's and 80's, an episode of 'Heartbeat' was filmed here, also, 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is', and 'The French Collection'.

The shop is a real attraction with tourists who often come in to take a look and delve into the history of this beautiful place. It really is something to behold!

We tell them what we know, but if these walls could talk, what stories would they tell? What secrets do they hold?

A spec-tacular celebration!

Thursday 23rd March marked the 'official' opening of our brand new testing suite at bespoke eyewear. Customers, friends and fellow local business owners gathered at the shop on Royal Parade, Harrogate for an evening of celebration.

The bespoke eyewear team were proud to cut the ribbon alongside the Mayor of Harrogate, Councillor Nick Brown, who is a huge advocate of supporting local independent businesses.

Our lovely owner, Jonathan Nixon said, "The opening event was such a special day and we were delighted to welcome so many of our clients, friends and members of the local community to join us in celebrating this milestone. I have wanted to introduce testing to bespoke eyewear for some time, and I am thrilled to be able to finally launch the service and offer the full package."

Guests were given tours of the new testing suite, showcasing the latest technology used in our thorough eye examinations and in our in-house glazing department. We were also joined by our optometrist Richard Dallas, who has already become a firmly established member of the be team and is much loved by our community of clients.

We have a carefully selected range of luxury, designer glasses and sunglasses here at bespoke eyewear that you won't find anywhere on the high street, including two new high end brands; Campbell Marson and Barberini. Our guests enjoyed the opportunity to get a first look at these collections and much fun was had playing around with the different styles and colours.

The evening was supported by many other local independent businesses, something which is very important to us. Harrogate Tipple ran a fantastic bar set up, serving their very own Harrogate Rum and Harrogate Gin in fine china tea cups and saucers! Amanda Guest Dining kept our guests feeling full with a beautiful selection of homemade canapes, and Ross Simpson, music teacher at Ashville College and his fellow band mates kept the atmosphere alive with music! We were also lucky enough to have the evening captured forever by the brilliant John Manktelow, Harrogate based professional photographer.

We owe a huge thank you to our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you'll continue to be a part of our story.