When David Harper does Bespoke…

When David Harper visits Bespoke Eyewear, we think big.

Simple questions like, “What colours do you like?” or “What shapes are you comfortable in?”, are meaningless. We know that every time, we’re going to be met with a big smile, lots of confidence and a totally open mind to the latest styles and trends. So the only brief we had was, “A bit of wow!”.

That attitude makes perfect sense once you know a bit about David. A television presenter (you may recognise him from Bargain Hunt, Cash in the Attic, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Flog It!), business man and artist, who is well known for his sparkling personality, vibrant clothing and creative mind. It’s very clear that David enjoys fashion, and in no way plays it safe. He makes a real entrance with his yellow trousers, pink shirts and sometimes even a hat (not usually all at the same time). So we knew it would have to be a real statement piece to do him justice.

So, after a quick catch up with David and his wonderful wife over a cup of coffee, we got to work.

We tried on round frames, square frames, neutral colours and even neons! With the odd curved bar thrown in too.

And then we saw the perfect pair. Strong, durable, colourful but not over the top. And definitely impactful, as they’re made out of wood!

We’ll be welcoming David back in to check out more from the collection very soon, but in the meantime we can’t wait to see this gorgeous pair on the television. Keep an eye out, and be sure to tweet us when you spot them!