Dipped in gold…

At our recent Christmas Showcase event, we introduced Leisure Society to our clients. We knew we liked the product, but would it make our customers say wow?

Well, the response was incredible and we are now proud stockists of Leisure Society. Beautiful frames designed by Shane Baum.

Baum created this collection with luxury in mind, and the frames are made up of titanium frames, 12, 18, & 24k gold plating and even diamonds. The sunglasses are made with the highest quality polarizing CR-39 lens available with, Anti-reflective UGR12™, Diamond Cast™, and hydrophobic coating.

But it’s not just about the jargon. The fact of the matter is, these glasses look very, very good. Sleek lines, gleaming metal and glass, and the most beautiful colours that reflect the current runways. Perfect for someone who is looking for a statement pair of frames, but more styled than quirky. In fact, some of the pieces are completely plated with gold on the inside.

Are they for me though?!

Before investing in a pair of glasses like this, it’s important to make sure they fit with your image, and of course your lifestyle! They’re a luxury item, but there is still an element of being practical that is needed with any eyewear.

Book a consultation, and we’ll make sure you choose the right pair to suit you.