Is that Ian Wright?

The number of times people have walked past the window and we hear, “Is that Ian Wright?”. Or, the amount of people that stop and stare through the glass, and we hear, “God, it looks familiar!”. What they’re referring to is the bright, red head that stands out in the window, surrounded by white mannequin heads.

Let’s be clear…it IS Ian Wrights head. Ok, well not his actual head. But, pretty close with the use of 3D printing. Ian is a long time friend of Bespoke Eyewear, and joined us at an expo with Jonathon Nixon. It was during this event, that Floureon 3D were on hand and offered to create a 3D print of Ian’s head. And of course, we had to say yes.

A few exciting hours later, we walked away with a bright red version of Wrighty’s head – which is now sitting proudly in our window, next to our Robert Rudger display.

“But, what good is a 3D head?” I hear you ask. Well, a 3D head means that when Ian gives us a call and asks for a specific pair of frames that he’s seen on our social media, he doesn’t have to drop into the store. We measure them up perfectly to his 3D head, before posting them out to him. Or, if he sees a pair but can’t figure out if they’d look right on him, we simply pop them on the head and send him a snap.

Combining a 3D head with Jonathan’s eye for style, is how we’re able to keep Ian’s eyewear game fresh on Match of the Day!